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Scent Marketing Inc. is delighted to partner with some of the world’s most esteemed as an active part of their branding strategy and consumer/guest enhancement programs.


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Hyatt Zen – 300 properties

Strong and growing!
Long Term Partnership

SMI has been servicing Hyatt Place Hotels since 2007 with a crowd pleasing signature scent called Seamless.

Global Presence

Now present in 250 properties worldwide and growing Internationally every year Hyatt employees and guests alike crave the Hyatt Zen Signature Scent.

Hyatt Zen Guest comments

“What a fantastic scent, topping off the great style and comfort of Hyatt!”

Olivia — Guest of Hyatt Zen, Orlando Convention Center

“I just love the fragrance! When and where can I get it for my house?”

Catherine — Guest at Hyatt Zen Kansas City Airport

Hyatt Zen – 300 properties

1 Hotel

The Hospitality Industry Newest Sensation!

Create a core signature scent that exemplifies and communicates the brand values of 1 Hotel that contributes to a memorable, sustaining brand experience. Create accents for individual properties built on accords of the core.

Key Brand Descriptors

Natural & Authentic, True & Real, Pure & Simple, Indigenous & Organic, Unique & Individual, Alive & Vital, Respectful & Reverent, Eco Conscious & Community Oriented, Thoughtful & Reciprocal, Inspiring & Inspired.

1 Hotel Guest comments

"My team loved staying at 1Hotel for our business trip - the staff were so friendly and kind! So happy to have finally found a hotel chain we can trust and love."

Shannon F — West Hollywood

"By far my favorite hotel. The staff is incredibly attentive and kind, the food is amazing, and the amenities are best in class. Love this place!"

J Sull — South Beach

1 Hotel

Physique 57

Key Brand Descriptors

Luxury fitness, barre training studio

Physique 57

Macy's Scent Event

The largest department store in the world

Interactive scent event to engage and educate customers on the ground floor of Macy’s NYC

Key Brand Descriptors

Creative, Progressive, Exciting, Fun, Personal and Human

Macy's Scent Event

Grand Marnier Candle

When Grand Marnier launched a new product under its esteemed brand it decided to emphasize it’s unique qualities with a focus on the unique elements that contribute to Grand Marnier’s unique flavor through their scents!

Translate a taste of Grand Marnier into aroma

Key Brand Descriptors

Grand, Marnier, Orange, Cognac

Macy's Scent Event