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"ScentFluence" the power of scent to influence your business and life!

Scent Marketing Inc.
Caroline Fabrigas
CEO, Scent Marketing Inc.

AROMACOLOGY - The art of fragrance, the science of scent

Scent Marketing Inc. is an expert in Aromacology which recognizes the power of scent to influence business and life. Scent specifically designed to align with a brand’s values has been proven to enhance brand identity, increase a product’s value proposition, extend a stay, prolong a visit, create lasting memories, and augment client loyalty.

Scent Marketing Inc. not only enhances consumers or guests experiences but can also provide a lasting revenue stream for brands. It’s wonderful to see how a signature scent, artfully crafted and perfectly delivered, can impact a brand.


Caroline Fabrigas is the CEO of Scent Marketing Inc., a full-service Scent and Sensory Marketing company that has fast become a leading authority in the art and science of Scent Marketing and Branding.


In 2010, Caroline inherited Scent Marketing Inc. when her beloved husband of 15 years, Harald H. Vogt, suddenly passed away. Harald was a well-known and respected advocate, educator and pioneer in the field of Scent Marketing.


A native of the U.K., Fabrigas arrived in the USA in 1980 to enter the field of beauty, and over the years rose through the ranks of the beauty industry holding key positions with some of the world’s top beauty brands in the world. Upon Harald’s passing, Caroline combined her 20-year luxury marketing background with Harald’s vision. Over the years, Scent Marketing Inc. has grown from an indie start-up company to become a passionate provider of all things related to the influencing power of scent for business and life.


My passion for scent was in part inspired by my mother, who was an avid user of fine fragrance. Also, one of my favorite subjects at school was chemistry. I was naturally attracted to the beauty industry as it combined equal parts of art and science. Scent Marketing Inc. allows me to combine all of the things in my work I appreciate the most!

Caroline Fabrigas